Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy and the Terms of Service of Maya Dream Vacation explain how we collect, use, and protect your data across our websites. We review and adapt this policy from time to time to ensure it covers the various privacy laws worldwide, and you can find the latest version here. If very significant changes are made to the policy, we may notify our users with notices posted through our applications or other forms of communication.

We broadly define ‘personal data’ as any information about you as an identifiable individual. Your name, email address, contact details, IP address, or device IDs are examples that satisfy this definition. We may also store other, less specific information about how you use our service or which country you use our systems. As we often work with suppliers who also receive your personal information (e.g. travel sites, agents, airlines, etc.) as part of the booking process, we will always provide links that allow you to check on their privacy policies and terms and conditions with your booking.

How do we use your personal data, and why?

We only use the information for which consent has been given and are involved in the following situations: service delivery (e.g. bookings, etc.), legal compliance or obligations, or other typical business reasons. Below, find explanations of each of these situations.

Service delivery and bookings

We use your data to provide or facilitate contracts you are trying to execute, most often a booking with a travel supplier or with us. There are several ways this might occur.

Tailoring a website to your device (like mobile or tablet)

Providing results for your search queries that match your requirements (country of origin, etc.)

When you’ve selected a Travel Supplier’s offering, we use information such as your device ID, IP address, and search details to redirect you to their platform.

When performing the booking on your behalf, we will transfer the data needed to finish that transaction (contact information, passport, etc.) to the system.

Contacting you with messages, notifications, or alerts necessary to deliver our services requested, such as booking confirmation emails or other essential communications like flight status alerts and notifications about changes or updates to our services, this policy, or our Terms of Service.

Responding to customer inquiries, e.g. customer service emails or other contact points.

Allowing you to maintain any accounts you have with us.

For Advance Booking or Enquiry
+52 1 777 120 3037


You can book an apartment here by just filling up the form on the website, contacting us over the phone, or dropping an email to us.

It depends on the booking timeline and the category of facilities you opt for during your stay; generally, the fees vary like –

May 1st – October 31st — $1,200 pesos per night (78 CAD)

November 1st – April 30th — $1,600 pesos per night (103 CAD)

Monthly rentals  – $20,000/Month

Yes, but for booking cancellation, you must pay the cancellation charge as per the company rules.